Added /Kit for 1 time use only, towards a easier start.
And we welcome Xardozify as a moderator, and decission maker.
Don’t forget to use the feedback link, to get in touch easier with D-SouL otherwise ask Montana or Xardozify


Failed to do a patch update on oxide. ppl whom lost homes and items please do contact D-SouL so i can compensate for it.

Soon time for a wipe, and the new fresh start will begin.
If someone has any ideas please notify me. Thru Contacs or or Server-> Feedback. With best regards D-SouL

The next wipe 3/8-18 I will Reduce the Stacksizes ALOT. If there is anything else needs to be checked over please let me know. Either on TWS@pnm.se ,ingame or on the homepage ”Server -> feedback”

Started ona new page. Working on it to be better every day.